The World Population explosion : Causes, Effects and Solutions

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The term “population explosion” refers to the increase in the number of people living in a particular area. It is a major problem for developing countries, after that the government is not taking any necessary steps to control this issue. It is a situation in which the economy is not enough for increasing demand of its population. 

what is population explosion and its effects

Here in this article we will be discussing what is population explosion and its effects.

Causes of population explosion

For the time being, the world’s population continues to grow at a rapid pace (about 80 million people per year), and our non-renewable resource supply is depleting. There are number of factors/causes that contribute in population explosion that are:

High birth rate

High birth rate is a biggest reason that is responsible for increasing growth of population. Although the birth rate in India has fallen from 45.8 per thousand in 1891-1900 to around 25.8 per thousand in 2001. That is considered to be high.

Low death rate

Low death rate is the another big reason that has contributed to the Rapid increase in population. In 2001, the death rate in India was approximately 8.5 per thousand people. We have been able to reduce this rate because of advancement in science in technology and there are now only a few cases of death per thousand deaths.

Illiteracy rate

one of the most serious issues in family planning is women’s literacy. In India, women’s education is given less priority and they marry at a young age. As a result they are unfamiliar with birth control methods and contraceptive use.


Poverty is another factor that contributes to population growth. Children are the family’s main source of income. Instead of going to school, the children assist their parents in their work at a young age. A lack of education resources with high death rate, leads to higher birth rate and result in overpopulation.

Social reason

Marriage is a social mandated institution in India, so everyone is required to marry. Nobody feels individual responsibility to a joint family. As the result people do not hesitate to expand their family size. Most of the family believes that they should have at least one male child for this hope they continue grow their family.

Effects of overpopulation on our life

The world’s population has exceeded the optimal limit and has become a liability. As a result, the world’s population explosion has proven to be a major impediment to the success of economic planning and development. Overpopulation can have a number of effects on our daily life, some of them are mentioned below:

Lack of resources

The majority of the environmental damage seen in the last fifty years has been caused by the planet’s growing population. They include destroying forests, hunting wildlife recklessly, polluting the environment, and causing a slew of other issues. As the population increase rapidly, so the demand of resources are too high. Food, Water and Fuels are consumed at rapidly that place greater demand on producers.

Climate change

Overpopulation is directly related to climate change. Scientists believe that human activities are the biggest reason of global temperature. Larger populations may accelerate these changes. Global warming is caused by an increase in the amount of CO2 emitted. Melting polar ice caps, shifting climate patterns, and rising sea levels are just a few of the consequences of pollution.

Lack of water

Overpopulation places a great strain on the world’s freshwater resources. Because only about 1% of the world’s water is fresh and this is a major issue. According to some data the demand of freshwater will be 70% of what is visible on earth by 2025.


Because of the increase in population, there is a greater demand for jobs and employment. However, millions of people in world are unemployed due to a lack of resources and employment opportunities.

How can reduce the overpopulation

As per above information we know very well about overpopulation and what are the causes and effects. It is calculated that if every other family had one fewer child than expected, there would be one billion fewer of us by 2050 – and nearly four billion fewer by the end of the century. Now there are some solution by which we can control over this.

Family planning

As the population of the world is increasing rapidly. Awareness regarding family planning among people is important. One of the most effective methods is to inform them about the various safe sex techniques and contraceptive methods available to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Knowledge of sex education

Sex education for young children at the elementary level should be mandatory. Most of the parents are not discuss this topic with their children so they search it on Internet. Most of the time, the information is insufficient, leaving sexually active teenagers unaware of contraception and embarrassed to seek it.

Improvement in education

One of the best solution regarding control of overpopulation is improvement in education. Education helps them to understand the importance of having no more than one or two children. Family planning and effective birth control can aid women in making their own reproductive decisions.

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