Vaibhav Upadhyay

In each one of us lies a writer but not all of us are able to cultivate the writer within, some who do, reach great lengths in their life, such is an inspiring story of amazon’s favourite title and India’s bestseller “hallucinations”, Vaibhav Upadhyay, born and raised in the localities of sacred town of Ahodhya, he started nurturing his writing skills since he was 9 years, with time his writings rewarded him immensely as he has written 3 books before he turns 21.

Vaibhav truly believes that inside the mind of a poet lies the entire universe, as the poet himself is the creator and the terminator of his writings. The way he connects the love and emotional readiness of people with the universe in his writings is astonishing.

Currently Vaibhav is the CEO of Wordsmith, one of India’s fastest emerging publishing start-ups. The basic notion behind Wordsmith is to provide an alternative reach to writers beside traditional publishing corporates and ensure better quality work functioning of writing and literary ecosystem. Wordsmith current achievements includes sale of thousands of books, it provides a base to hundreds of writers and best-selling authors to share their ideas and communicate with each other to increase the efficiency of writers. Wordsmith has various start-ups varying from PR to marketing, award houses, automation, publications, web developments and the future holds many more great things for Wordsmith.

If you try you might fail, if you fail you will learn and if you learn you will succeed.  With failure haunting him, Vaibhav used to get nightmares and sleepless nights. Failure often leads us to the deepest darkest part of our brain where we consider ourselves as loser or ineffective, it’s just how human mind functions when we confront failure, we lose hope and render ourselves useless. Quite similar circumstances occurred in Vaibhav’s life when he failed his medical exams and couldn’t get into a college he wanted to join, when no one would read his poems not because the content was not brilliant but because there was no platform or no fame for him yet, and that’s the best thing about failure, when you hit rock bottom you realise you have nothing to gain and the whole world to win. His book “Hallucinations” describe his entire journey from his rock bottom to the heights he stands now.

Vaibhav says “I don’t consider myself as an achiever but yes! I am trying and he who writes shall win, once at least”. When you are at the darkest phase in your life you need your friends, your family and your companions to support you in every circumstance and every initiative that you take.  One of his favourite lines from the book are – “You never get the things you love, cause possession is the destination of love, when you get the things you loved, the love for them ends”

Hallucinations bestseller edition launched on January 29,2022 as it marks authors 20th birthday, the work and labour he’s put in his art is really commendable and should be appreciated all over the world.

Hallucinations is an assembly of astounding poetries written by Vaibhav Upadhyay which is easily available on amazon and several bookstores all over the country, from “koi meri poems nahi padhta to India’s best seller” the story of Vaibhav Upadhyay is surely an inspiring one and definitely worth a glance.