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Mental Breakdown And How to deal with it?

Written By:- Nida Fazal || Graphics By:- Khushi Arora

Most people experience mental health issues at some point
of time in their life. Any human regardless of their financial
background, achievements and surroundings can experience
poor mental health. A mental breakdown is a chronic state in
which a person experiences immense sadness. This led them
to dysfunction in their everyday life chores like at their
workplace, educational institute, relationships, etc.


The symptoms vary from person to person. At first, one
may not be able to recognize it but if one keeps proper
knowledge of the mental illness, it can surely be helpful. Here are
some symptoms that a person suffering from a mental
breakdown may experience.

  1. The person prefers isolation and avoids social gatherings. He
    may start to cut off contacts and even avoid casual talks
    with friends and family. He stops enjoying traveling, hangouts, and other outing plans.
  2. A person feels intense stress, loneliness, and sadness. He
    seems to be dull or less energetic. He may be unable to cope
    with the challenges of life.
  3. A person going through a mental breakdown will start to
    lose interest in everyday life activities. Like doing household
    chores or even their personal task. The person struggles
    every day to complete his basic activities.
  4. Their concentration level becomes weak and is unable to
    show good performance in their work. For example in sports,
    career,s, and workplaces.
  5. Many people may seem to be absent-minded and goes
    unaware of their social scenario.
  6. The person may neglect taking care of his personal hygiene.
    He starts living an unhealthy lifestyle. He may skip his meals
    or takes an improper diet.
  7. People with mental breakdown may feel insecure about
    their relationships with others. They mistrust and becomes
    suspicious about others without any reason.
  8. People may have extreme mood swings and it keeps
    changing rapidly all day.
  9. Some people may experience insomnia, paranoia, and
    hallucinations, or even flashbacks of some traumatic incident
  10. People with too much stress may have anxiety issues, high
    blood pressure, trembling of hands and legs
  11. Some people may experience panic attacks, difficulty in
    breathing, chest pain, etc.
  12. The person may get suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-
  13. Some people may go with sleepless nights and days while
    some feel sleepy all the time.
  14. People feel the fear of breaking down anywhere such as
    crying, yelling, or bursting out in anger, etc
  15. People feel worthless, hopeless, and helpless. For them,
    their life is not meaningful.


A mental breakdown can trigger through many reasons but in
some cases, there is absolutely no valid reason. Stress is the
most common factor and the more it increases over time it
leads to some serious mental illness. So the causes are
eventually the reason for stress. Here are some causes which
can be responsible for a mental breakdown.

  • Death of a loved one.
  • Living in a toxic relationship.
  • Being discriminated against and stigmatized by family, friends,
    colleagues, or society. Like on the basis of nationality, sex,
    caste, religion, skin tone, disability, etc.
  • Divorce
  • Experience of any traumatic incident like sexual assault,
    raging, abuse, or any sort of violence.
  • Experienced any traumatic incident in childhood.
  • Being in extreme guilt and regret after committing a crime.
  • Handling and pressure of too many responsibilities
  • Looking after a bedridden person or an aging parent.
  • Financial issues like paying loans etc.
  • Loss of job/ unemployment.
  • Immense stress at workplace, educational institute.
  • Inability to understand things.
  • Improper diet and lack of nutrition.
  • A person can suffer through a mental breakdown because of
    another family member with mental illness. It can be
  • Living with a toxic family which includes fights, arguments,
    weak relations.
  • Being discriminated among siblings by one’s parent.
  • Fulfilling social expectation like beauty standards, fitness,
    clothing, etc to impress others.
  • Surrounded with negative thoughts and people which
    creates self-doubts and hence leads to overthinking.
  • Not receiving attention at home or from friends, colleagues,
  • Living with too many restrictions and boundaries.


There are many myths created by society regarding mental
breakdown, especially by the orthodox and conservative
groups. These myths often make it difficult for the patient to

express his mental state to his family, friends. In our society
people don’t feel the necessity to talk about mental illness. It
is treated like a taboo. It is assumed that a person talking
about his mental illness is committing an act of seeking
attention. While on the other hand is called abnormal by the
same people. Below are few myths about people with mental
health which are simply not true.

  • Mental illness is not any illness because every human is
    going through some problems in life . Physical illness is real
  • Rich class people or a celebrity can never experience poor
    mental health.
  • Mental illness like depression is just sadness.
  • A person with any mental disability is harmful to others.
  • Kids, teenagers can never experience mental health
  • A person with mental breakdown is seeking attention.
  • People with a mental disability are punished by God
    because they committed a great sin in their previous life.
  • They are abnormal or crazy.
  • Psychiatric medications makes a person happy to avoid
    dealing with life problems.
  • Many people think mental illness like depression can never
    affect them because they have a happy-go-lucky attitude.
  • People with mental illness are weak and can never achieve
  • One can never recover from mental illness.
Mental wordsmith foundation
Mental wordsmith foundation


This is very essential to get proper treatment for the specific
mental illness one is going through. As a responsible society,
we should be generous, helpful, and supportive towards
mental health patients. This can save a life and one who gets a
new life can surely do something productive. If we know
someone showing symptoms of a mental breakdown or in
ourselves, we feel the same. We should seek help or provide
help and in the very beginning, things can be controlled.
Here are some very beneficial ways how to deal with a
mental breakdown.

  • Seek medical help. Don’t feel ashamed to visit a psychiatrist
    or a therapist.
  • Seek help from family, friends. One should not hesitate
    to tell them about his/her mental breakdown.
  • Practice meditation.
  • One should learn to accept themselves. Promote self-care
    and self -love.
  • A person should know his triggers. This can help to figure
    out the pattern and the person or his family will be alert.
  • One should reduce technology and should be surrounded by
    natural resources.
  • Keep a positive perception and do whatever makes you
  • Proper diet, nutrition, fuels.
  • A person with suicidal thoughts should immediately call a
    suicide helpline or should start taking therapy and
  • Therapy can help a lot. It could be life-changing.
  • Support people with a mental breakdown. Listen to their life

A mental breakdown affects our emotional, psychological,
social, physical health and everyday life. Coping from it is
very necessary and receiving proper treatment at time is
beneficial. A healthy person can make proper decision,
choices which will improve one’s quality of life. They will be
able to lead a happy life.

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