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Written By:- Akhya Dubey || Graphics By:- Khushi Arora

As writers, we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into our art. It is after countless hours and sleepless nights that we convert our dreams and thoughts into concrete sentences and produce timeless tales of love, fantasy, horror, and whatnot. It is not only nerve-wracking but also satisfyingly rewarding to get our message out in the world. For the normal people, it is a manuscript but for us, it is all the wonders of the world coming together, and after it comes publishing, the launch of this dream.

To see writing as a profitable endeavor and a profession, it is inevitable for a writer to publish. And as said by someone, “nothing in this world comes free, one either needs to bear a physical expense or an emotional one” and in publishing it is both. 

Publishing in India, especially for budding and new writers will seem like an expensive idea considering the time and shenanigans in traditional publishing and not enough services if you decide to self publish.

Before we had internet, the only way a writer could get his/her book published was through traditional publishing. It started by sending in a proposal to a literary agent or a publisher and praying to the almighty above that he/she gives it more than a 10 second glance as compared to other million proposals. Unfortunately, the likelihood of it happening was less than the earth having two moons and therefore, the world has missed out on a lot of good books.  Fortunately, by some miracle if the proposal was selected, a writer had to go through a long process before he/she could call him/herself an ‘author’. Simply speaking, in traditional publishing, the publisher offers the writer a contract and in turn, prints, publishes and sells the book through booksellers and other retailers. The publisher essentially buys the writer’s right to publish his/her book and pays him royalties from the sale which is 7.5% per book that is 15 rupees per book if the book cost is 200. It varies for different publishing houses and the royalty increases as the sales increase.

However, as mentioned earlier, it is very difficult for new and aspiring writers to get their content across and thus it was time for a change. With the coming of internet the world that was trotting earlier started galloping and it was time for the publishing industry to evolve. This gave rise to ‘self publishing’.

In easy words, self publishing is what the name says; the writer publishes his own book through publishing platforms. He/she bears all the expenses of publishing and although this can be a huge time commitment it is much more preferred as the writer retains all the rights of the book and receives all the profit which, in the case of traditional publishing is earned by the publisher. 


To self-publish a book in India, an author can either hire all the technicians separately like editors, designer,s etc, or choose a publishing package that suits his/her goals. There are many publishing houses that provide various packages ranging from 10,000 to 1,00,000 and even more. However, as the price range lowers, a writer may find that the quality and the features offered by the publishing company also dwindles down. And even if you do all the checks yourself it comes down to almost same amount if not more. The cost breaks up to Rs. 1750(approx.) for developmental editing, Rs.  1100- 1500 (approx.) for copy editing and Rs. 750-1100 (approx.) for proofreading per 1000 words plus additional charges for preparing your digital book files, getting the book cover design which can range from Rs. 3500-35000 per cover, advertisement and promotion etc. So let’s say if the book had approx 10,000 words then it would total to Rs. 40,000 plus additional charges, which is way more than the basic packages offered by the publishing houses, therefore it is much more feasible to contact them. However, even with the publishing houses, it is seen that the lower the package the less features it offers, which reduces the growth prospects of those availing it. 

So what is the solution? This is where we come in.


We are the WORDSMITH FOUNDATION, and to speak metaphorically, we are the three wishes of genie’s lamp rolled into one. We are a Startup India regd. non-governmental organization/ publishing consultancy/ bookstore/ writers community that will help you to publish your book at nominal prices as compared to any other publishing houses. We are a community of 2000+ members connected through all social media platforms with a team of highly competent individuals at the apex and we are continuously growing.

We not only cater to the needs of the authors by providing them with high rated services at affordable prices but we also have writing communities for the budding writers where they can interact and participate in the numerous competitions that are organized by the team. This not only creates a safe space for the writers with a pinch of constructive criticism but also provides us with a reading base for the books we publish, automatically creating a stir in one section of the target market. 

We also donate books to all the people who need it, organize book giveaways, open mics, discussions, drives, book reviews and what not to add value to the society that has given us so much.

Coming back to the publishing packages, our ‘veteran package’ is for Rs. 6000/- only with 70% royalty, legal copyrights, cover design, formatting and editing, 5 author copies with an Amazon distribution for a lifetime. Not only this, we also provide you with an Author Certificate, and dashboard. Our ‘All Stars Package’ is for Rs.10,000/- only with high instagram marketing with a reach frequency of 6000+, 30 author copies, publishing certificate and a t-shirt along with all the benefits of the veteran package.


We are a non-governmental organization and therefore, our basic aim is to serve the society. We aim to help aspiring writers reach their maximum potential by providing them with the best possible services at affordable prices. We believe in making your dreams a reality and chasing that wish with you, supporting you and removing the obstacles that come in your way. Not only this, for every book you publish with us, you do some good to the society by helping us organize all the drives and giveaways. We believe in the sanctity of both, the journey and the destination.


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    It was very necessary to address this situation and I loved the way you did it❤

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