Hallucinations By Vaibhav Upadhyay

Hallucinations means receiving a stimulus of something unusual or something that doesn’t exists,

Let me tell you all, poets aren’t superficial, they are just like everybody else, they however have a habit to “fix” things that they think have flaws within,

The universe comprises of infinite matter, the things that we see have evolved, lets get back into the time, 15 billion years ago, the universe was created, the “big bang” is the event that caused the creation of this “Brahmaand” we live in,

Since then, all things are evolving, modifying into better variants of themselves and this process is eternal, this won’t ever stop, while some are imperfect, some indeed have reached their saturation, poets are the one’s who describe the imperfections of the world into something mesmerising, they intentionally put people into “hallucinations”,

the existential things are described by them in such a way that the readers have nothing but “submission” to the writings,

Thus our minds have an unexplorable huge entity, one of the reasons, we are our own “messiah” , the book is a collection of poetries – that are nothing but jumbled thoughts that regularly go inside the mind of a poet, they are too close to my heart, I write whenever I am alone, I love silence as it is full of answers, I expect you all will read this in silence, celebrating your own existence.

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