What is the Wordsmith foundation?

We are a Startup India regd. A non-governmental organization, publishing consultancy, bookstore, and a writing community.

What do we do?

We publish books at nominal prices, create awareness about social topics, organize donations and drives and create positive spaces for artists to communicate.

How to join as a member?

We put out internship and job applications whenever there is an opening, on our social media platforms, so keep checking and mail us your CV whenever you find something that interests you.

How to join as a writer?

You can contact us on Instagram and we will provide you the link of our writer’s tribe. It is a community of 200+ members where we share our work and get to read some really good content.

How to publish the book?

You can contact us and mail the raw copy and choose one of the packages. We will edit, proofread and create the cover design and publish the book with contact to the press.

What are the benefits of joining?

We provide you with invaluable experience and an opportunity to grow and contribute to society. We also provide e-certificates and remuneration*
(* if it is a paid internship)

How can we use the online library?

We have a book store of 1000+ books that means we have a warehouse and we deliver books on demand. We will post our books for 15 days. You have to pay the cost of the book+ shipping charges that will act as a security fee. We will deduct Rs.10/day from the security amount so that other people can also get a chance to read. When you return the book we will send back the security amount within 24 hours. We will ask you to post the book back to us or to another person and in both cases, the receiving person will pay the postal charges so you don’t have to pay twice.

What is our mission?

We plan to deformalize cool culture by 2030. We want to break societal taboos

How do we contribute to society?

We plan and organize drives, donations, and fundraisers as well as open mics, book giveaways, discussions, etc. We have also put up a pick-up and drop-off point in Ayodhya and planning more such missions.

What is the ‘veteran package’?

Our ‘veteran package’ is for Rs. 6000/- only with 70% royalty, legal copyrights, cover design, formatting and editing, 5 author copies with an Amazon distribution for a lifetime. Not only this, but we also provide you with an Author Certificate and dashboard
( All the other details are on the website)

What is the all-stars package?

Our ‘All-Stars Package’ is for Rs.10,000/- only with high Instagram marketing with a reach frequency of 6000+, 30 author copies, publishing certificate, and a t-shirt along with all the benefits of the veteran package.
( All the other information is available on the website)

What is the age limit to apply?

There is no age limit. We believe in the skill-set of an individual rather than his age. So if you have the required skills, contact us.

How can you contact us?

You can mail us at wordsmithfoundation.com or dm us on our official Instagram page.

How can you donate?

We have a special fundraising department. You can contact them or donate individually according to the information given on the website.

What are our joint ventures?

Our WeJobstation is a joint venture which is a platform for job updates.

How big is our community?

We are a community of 1500+ members and we are continuously growing.

What courses do we offer?

We offer English skills with Vidushi Mathijia, Author for Rs. 1000/month, where we work on spoken English, personality development, and academic English. We will provide you a free book for enrolling.

Is there a fee for joining?

You can join our community for free. We believe in creating safe spaces for artists and help them grow.

What are the benefits of joining our writing community?

We provide you quality content and positive criticism to help you grow. We also have competitions and other fun activities, where we provide e-certificates and prizes. We also feature your work on our official page sometimes.

What is our vision?

We want to empower, educate and reshape youth.