Who we are

We are the inception of India lodged juvenile clique that mainly pivots on the upbringing, empowering, reshaping and education of the youth by all methods. We serve society by donating, funding and addressing the people. Wordsmith works for the well-being of society and has taken many steps further to upgrade the society and the current youth so that they influence the future youth in a good way to shape the country. Apart from social well-being and sophistication, we are a writer community as well, consisting of 500+ writers, counting tons of published authors. We also publish books and have published 5books so far in the initial month of its launch. The CEO of the startup Vaibhav Upadhyay has published 3 successful books and has influenced the youth in a great way and encouraged them about writing. With 1000+ books in our bookstore, we also consist of a digital library.

Wordsmith for Youth

Grown up in the times, when internet wasn’t a thing, We have faced a lot of disguise and trauma regarding our doubts, when we see the less exposed youth face the same, the heart goes numb ,for the betterment of youth ,We at Wordsmith try our best to set an example for the fellows and growing up youngsters that all their dilemmas and problems are not only theirs and they aren’t alone in this ,We are with them in it ,and we try our best to help them anyway possible

Wordsmith for Writers

We strive To provide writers with a safe space to share their content and to create a platform for positive exchange of ideas and art. We also organise poetry and writing competitions with an aim to stimulate young minds and create healthy competition. Further, our objective is to create quality content and encourage constructive feedback for writers to help them grow.
We want to create a community of skilled individuals and contribute value to the society.

Wordsmith for Education

Education is a doorway to success. Vision of wordsmith for education is to try to instill all students with the most essential or basic academic knowledge skills and character developments. It’s a community of learners that demonstrates the knowledge skills and values required for productive global citizenship. Our vision is to create the positive environment for the students to learn, and educate them academically.

Wordsmith for Homeless

Wordsmith is an organization solely dedicated towards our pledge of helping the underprivileged. Our area of social service is not only limited to our author community but to various other deprived sections of society. Considering the atrocities of homeless old people, specially during winters, we have come up an idea of a blanket donation drive. We would be distributing both new and old blankets. This is an initiative by us to help those who have been casted aside by the simple privileges of life.

Wordsmith For Society

There’s more to doing good than hating evil”. Wordsmith foundation generously works for the welfare of the society through engaging various sort of activities such as providing food,clothes,education,creating opportunities for the unemployed people,spreading awareness in society,helping in fighting from malnutrition and many more.Our Foundation aims to break the vicious cycle of underprivileged and social segregation and to engender hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities in order to live and develop with dignity.